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User guide to the NTU Library Books & Periodicals Recommendation System

Welcome to the NTU Library Books & Periodicals Recommendation System. Please read the following description before logging in, the library thanks you for the assistance for recommending books to purchase for the library and the cooperation of related affairs!

1. The goal of the library collection development is to support the teaching and research required by the school teachers and students. Faculty, students and alumni are welcome to use their account numbers and passwords to login and recommend books. Each reader is allowed to recommend 20 items per month.
2. Please check the Library Catalogue before you recommend any books. To speed up the operation process, please try to fill in the information in all sections fully and accurately. In addition, you can also indicate a recommended campus for the collection as reference for the library.
3. Priority reservation service:
  1. Faculty, students and alumni can make reservation requests up to 10 items per month. The librarian will make the reservations for the readers according to the reservation regulations. Alumni who have a library card can make online reservations after receiving the e-mail of the confirmed book order.
  2. Audiovisual materials and items that are restricted for use in the library are not available for request.
  3. Books assessed by the referred departments will not have the priority reservation service due to the different acquisition process.
4. The library will use e-mail to inform the recommender of the final result of each recommended book. The reader may also click recommendation results to check its status.
5. The assessment principle of the library handling all types of books and journals:
  1. Books/ audio-visual materials: This will be decided according to the library collection principle. If the book is categorized as a certain discipline, it will be assessed by the related referred department, when it’s necessary.
  2. Journals: If it is an interdisciplinary journal, it will be decided whether to purchase or not according to the library collection development principle and financial circumstance. Journals categorized as a certain discipline will be referred to the related department for assessment and ordering. All journal orders shall meet annual ordering procedure.
  3. Databases: Databases will be scheduled for trials if possible, and the trial opinions and price quotations will be collected to assess whether it will be purchased. In principle, interdisciplinary databases will be purchased by the library when funding is obtained. Databases which belong to certain disciplines will be referred to the related colleges and departments to be in charge of the required funds.
6. If you have any related questions, please contact: tul@ntu.edu.tw

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